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    This is the Official website of the 'One & Only ' PDOG Clan est. in 2007.

    Since their start, the PDOG Clan has been offering enrollees the opportunity to get the most out of the Call of Duty franchise by rewarding their members on the completion of a series of challenges and competitions based around the game. Unlike, Call of Duty Elite, the PDOG Clan offers all of it's services for FREE and guarantees members will receive rewards for the competitions and challenges they complete. Something Infinity Ward & Treyarch, the developers of Call of Duty games will never offer.

    Aside from winning great prizes, the PDOG Clan also helps gamers sharpen their skills by strengthening them on the 4 elements of online play; communication, participation, team work and performance. These vital elements are the backbone of running an operating a successful clan, such as PDOG. Elements that PDOG makes certain all it's members know, exercise, and make part of their regular daily routine when gaming online. To aid members, the PDOG Clan offers members a state-of-the-art ranking system in their own private online barracks, where members receive rank based off the exercises they complete. These exercises test members on each of the 4 elements by using the very physics of the game and the course of action they take as a team player to help ensure victory.

    If you would like to learn more about the PDOG Clan and the people that make up PDOG, please check out the rest of the website and if you feel the PDOG Clan is a right fit for you, visit the Enlist page to sign-up.
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