• Welcome
    This is the Official website of the 'One & Only ' PDOG Clan est. in 2007.

    Since their start in 2007, the PDOG Clan has been devoted to the Call of Duty series alone, never swaying to other great titles. Now, the PDOG is happy to announce they are expanding their clan into other great titles for the PlayStation 4 console.

    Teaming up with Clan All Stars in 2015, the PDOG Clan will be offering all the things you have grown to love about joining a clan as successful as PDOG. With monthly events and challenges your leaders will test you on the ability to complete simple and advanced exercises, drills and clan battles that will not just help you become a better gamer, but give you the opportunity to be rewarded for all your hard work. Backed by Clan All Stars, members who complete challenges for their team will receive points that can be redeemed for many great prizes including, T-shirts, dog-tags, and PlayStation Store credit!

    If, what you read so far interests you than I invite you to view the rest of the website to learn a little more about the history and the people that make the PDOG Clan what it is. Then if you feel our clan will work for you, visit our Enlist page for more information on joining our clan. Thanks for visiting!